The Skull Puzzle


The Apostle, Henry, Sarah Fincher (for a short time), and Ryan McCray




To lead the bearer to documentaries consisting information about the Crossbones organization

First Appears In:

The Crossbones

Last Appears In:

The Crossbones

The Skull Puzzle is referred to as the puzzle Ryan McCray found at the end of The Ghost In The Machine, something that Henry left as he fled.


The ApostleEdit

The Apostle once had this paper and made this. This was a leadto four locations that held a documentary, a documentary for each location.

When Henry went to see The Apostle, they both had an argument due to Henry demanding answers the Apostle did not know of and went to the extremes of dunking the Apostle's head into the lake, slips from Henry's grip, and falls into the lake, with Henry trying to grab ahold of him that he had gripped the puzzle and the Apostle drowned in the lake.


After the case of murdering The Apostle, Henry found the puzzle and never understood it. He had this until he fled after being caught by Paul McCray, Ryan McCray, and Sarah Fincher at the Dredge pretending to be Old Joe Bush's soul.

Ryan McCrayEdit

After finding this, he swore he will never open it, but, as usual, curiosity won over him. Of course, he shared this with Sarah Fincher and they used Sarah's persuasion to let her parents allow her to go all over the country to document about the certain locations where the Apostle left the puzzle's documentaries.



The Tombstone and Front Upper Left PageEdit

Location: Bachelor's Grove Cemetery

Meaning: The plowbades mean of the man who died being run over by his horse who was wearing plowblades as they made harvest after the horse seeing a lady in white and freaks out. The lady is the L. And at the front page and on its upper left corner, it means you must dig 3 feet under the grave of the Tombstone marking with an L.

Find: 8 mm film projector and a reel footage.

Word: Under

The Shot Skulls with 311 and Front Upper Right PageEdit

Location: Central High School in Springfield, Missouri

Meaning: 311 was a haunted classroom in this school built in the 1800s. Outside, there are lamps, and if you count the 3rd, you can get a key you will place in a slot at the fourth statue.

Find: Another reel footage

Word: Ground

The House and the Fron Lower Left PageEdit

Location: Driskill Hotel

Meaning: There is a room with two parrallel mirrors looking at each other and if you look at its Left Top Corner, get behind the mirror, you get something

Find: Another reel footage

Word: Port

The Gun and the Front Lower Right PageEdit

Location: Winchester House

Meaning: Find a staircase that leads to nowhere and pry off its last floorboard.

Find: The last reel footage

Word: Land